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Your Bookkeeping Partner

Melissa Leediker

Process Improvement Expert and

Bookkeeping Professional


Experience: Over 13 years experience in the accounting industry

Education: Bachelor of Science in Accounting, Methodist University

Specialty: Helping Builders and Realtors see the positive impact of clean books and simple processes

I absolutely love helping small business owners see ways to save time and money all while finally feeling in control of their business.

I'd love the opportunity to discuss your goals and lay out a plan to help you crush them!



Helping you finally feel in control of your business

Many of my clients come to me feeling overwhelmed.  They're behind on their bookkeeping, spending too much time managing their businesses, and can't imagine taking on more work to continue growing their business.

I'm skilled in simplifying processes and sorting through messy systems to see the big picture and develop a plan for the future.

This passion for taking on difficult situations and coming out of them with a sense of clarity is how I came up with the name Turquant.  It combines the calming strength of turquoise with the tenacity and determination of the elephant.

I'd love to put my passion to work helping you build the future of your dreams.


What Are Clients Saying

"I have never worked with someone that is as good at her job as Melissa with Turquant Business Services. She helped us set up our QuickBooks and has gone above and beyond as our bookkeeper. She is always coming up with great ideas to help our business run more efficiently. I feel truly blessed to have found her."

Philip T.

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