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When should I hire a bookkeeper?

The decision to hire a bookkeeping professional is usually triggered by a feeling overwhelm from working late night, only to realize that they’re still not keeping up with their bookkeeping.

By this point, their books are usually behind and often costing themselves money by paying more in taxes than they actually need to. Hiring a bookkeeper will bring clarity to your company’s books. You'll finally see the true picture with accurate income and expenses.

If I hire a bookkeeper, do I still need a tax preparer or CPA?

Yes! (Unless you opt to self-file) I advise that you use a tax professional to prepare your income tax returns and am happy to work closely with them to make tax time a breeze. Your tax pro is the expert in the ever-changing tax laws and will help you develop a strategy to legally minimize the amount of taxes that are owed. If you do not currently have a tax professional you want to work with, I'd be happy to refer you to one.

What accounting software do you support?

QuickBooks Online. If you work with another platform, I'll happily help you make the conversion, if that's what's best for you and your business. As a QuickBooks Advanced Certified ProAdvisor, I have maintained a high level or training and expertise in developing a very in-depth understanding in QuickBooks Online. If a conversion to QuickBooks Online isn't the best decision for your business, I may be able to recommend another service provider to assist you with your bookkeeping needs.

What information will I need to share?

Ideally, you will provide read-only access to business bank and credit card accounts in order allow me to efficiently complete your monthly financials. By providing this access, I can reduce the administrative burden on my clients because I'm able to research transactions and download statements independently. You may also be asked for loan statements, tax returns, receipts or other source documents that support your business transactions.

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