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  • Melissa Leediker

A Recession is Coming: 6 Ways to Prepare

Updated: Jan 6

The talk of a recession makes many business owners uncomfortable, as economic downturns put a strain on small businesses. Especially, for small businesses that are still recovering from the pandemic.

Recessions put a financial strain on businesses because they tend to see their sales levels shrink from past performance, forcing many to downsize their payrolls and start cutting expenses.

However, there are a few ways for business owners to prepare for a recession, and that is to prepare your business finances.

  • Be proactive about your finances

  • Start reserving cash

  • Apply for lines of credit or loans

  • Trim excess expenses

  • Monitor your business numbers regularly

  • Get creative with sales

It’s important to remember that recessions are a blip in time and are not necessarily going to shutter your business — if you have a plan.

Regardless of the economic environment, a well-run business needs efficient accounting systems and processes to drive greater visibility into its financials.

With accurate and reliable data, you can act fast and stay ahead of the competition. The real question is, do you know your numbers? If you realize that you don’t have a financial plan or are unsure where you stand financially, I would love to help! Schedule a call!

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