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Which Payroll Option is Best?

Updated: Aug 22, 2021

Helpful information to guide your selection of a payroll provider.

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Yeah, I'm a Bookkeeping Professional, but I don't do payroll all by myself. It's messy and to do it well, you need to keep up with lots of changes in Federal and State laws (it's VERY time consuming and a complete pain in the butt!). I offer assisted payroll services. What does that mean? I'll help you process payroll through a third-party and they do all the calculations for taxes and figure out all that mumbo jumbo.

Ok, but which payroll provider is the BEST? Well, it depends on what you value, let's see how they compare and you can decide for yourself, or hit me up and we can chat about what you need and I'll give you my two-cents.

QuickBooks Online Payroll

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If you're using QuickBooks Online and want the easiest solution, this is probably your pick. It's fully-integrated into your existing books so you don't have to link up an app or download reports. It tends to be more expensive than the other solutions and also doesn't offer the extra employee benefit choices that are available elsewhere.

*Additional note (added 8/5/20): I recently had an issue with a client receiving an IRS notice about verifying tax payments. After investigating and contacting QBO support, they informed me of a system issue that's preventing them from sending the correct forms. They didn't even notify customers about this known issue. I wouldn't recommend QBO payroll, but if you're brave enough to chance it. Below is the link for their site.*

For current pricing and feature breakdown, check out their site.

Gusto Payroll

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If you're looking for a full service payroll and human resources solution, this is probably your pick. It offers normal payroll functions, but also allows you to add employee benefits and a whole suite of HR tools, like time tracking, employee handbooks, offer letters and access to dedicated HR professionals.

For current pricing and feature breakdown, check out their site.

Patriot Payroll

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If you're looking for a cheaper, quality option for basic payroll functions, this is probably your pick. It offers all the basic functionality to get your employees and contractors paid, without all the extras that you may not need.

For current pricing and feature breakdown, check our their site.

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