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  • Melissa Leediker

Stretched Too Thin? 3 Tips to Thrive in Challenging Times

Many of us are busier than ever, struggling to work in new ways, caring for our families, and growing a business. I highlight three time-tested strategies that can help people be resilient in the face of such stress. My hope is that these skills will not only help you survive but thrive in challenging times.

#1: Add more structure to your Life. We can all benefit from adding more structure to our home and work lives to make our days a little more predictable and balanced (as much as you can when kids are involved)! Here are some examples:

  • Keep a regular routine for you and your family

  • Clearly define responsibilities

  • Spend quality time with the people with whom you live with

  • Set boundaries at home and reserve some time for yourself

#2: Get in touch with your values. When we’re stressed out and just trying to make it through a hectic day, it’s normal to forget why we are doing all these things. In other words, we lose touch with our values. Getting in touch with our values can help improve our emotional health in two key ways. First, it can help us connect a sense of purpose with our day-to-day tasks. Second, it can remind us of the important things in our life that we may be neglecting.

#3: Practice self-compassion. Keeping our heads above water is an accomplishment, and we should celebrate it! But it’s only human for us to be critical of ourselves for not being able to get more done. The idea that we should be able to do it all sometimes can be motivating, but it usually just makes us feel like we are falling short. To avoid these guilt traps and their associated stress, I recommend adding self-compassion breaks into your routine.

Don’t forget to use the three strategies when there is too much on your plate. By practicing these skills, you will also be able to give yourself a few extra moments of peace and joy during the day.

The happier you are, the more opportunities you and your company have for growth and development. I understand that every business is different, and I will work with you to create a customized solution that meets your specific needs.

Contact me to learn more about how I can help your business save money through outsourcing!

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